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nine months

October 16th, 2021. How has it already been nine months?

A painful, beautiful, heart wrenching and humbling nine months.

Pregnancy was rough. Delivering him was one of the closest times that I have come face to face with not knowing if I could make it.

Finding a mass on his leg when he was a week old.

Getting covid two days before he had his first surgery to take care of the three hernias he had. ...he was only two months old.

A difficult recovery (both mentally and physically) post c-section.

Adjusting to caring for a two month old who just had surgery.

And then the worst, March. Four months old going through the unimaginable. Going to the ER for a skin infection on Tuesday, March 1st to being diagnosed and starting chemo by Saturday, March 5th.

It has not been a whirlwind, it has been a hurricane.

6 rounds of chemo, 3 surgeries, endless amounts of tests and bloodwork, so many ups and downs...this has been tough.

Now we are here.

We recently received news that his last MRI showed a few small tumors on his liver (at least 3 of them). His MRI after surgery did not show these tumors, they are new. They are an unwelcome surprise.

This was obviously heart crushing. He had just finished all of his treatment, his bloodwork has been looking better...why is this happening? Are they active? So many questions.

All we can do moving forward is go week by week - hoping and praying that his blood work does not rise and that the tumors do not grow.

We crave a break for his precious little body.

This week his blood work was in the normal range for the first time. We are so grateful for those results!

Each week that we have good numbers from his blood work we feel a huge sigh of relief. It only lasts for a moment though as the next week comes closer and we become anxious to hear what the results are. Holding our breath until we get that phone call with the numbers.

If his numbers start to rise and/or the tumors grow...well to be honest I do not think I am in a place that I can let my brain go there. If it comes then it comes and we take it on like we have everything else.

The future is unclear for now all we can do is take this one day at a time.

Thank you so much for the continued love and support.

Heather Frost <3

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