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hiro's diagnosis

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

(hiro right before his biopsy on March 3rd)

Tuesday March 1st, 2022 - we came to the Toledo Hospital ER for a skin infection. They quickly let us know that we would need to be admitted for his infection.

After getting admitted, an amazing nurse was checking Hiro and felt a lot of hardness in his abdomen and her and I noticed a lump. She went and called the doctor and they began tests immediately.

After an x-ray and ultrasound, they sat us down later that night and told us it is not good.

They found a massive tumor in his liver.

Wednesday they did a full body ct scan and more blood work.

They then sent the oncology team down to inform us that between what they saw with those tests they are confident it is cancer. But they couldn’t give an exact diagnosis until getting a biopsy done.

Thursday March 3rd, 2022 - they sent him in for surgery where they did a biopsy on his tumor and added his broviac central line for chemo treatment. (They also did a biopsy on a mass in his leg that I found when he was a week old, thankfully that mass seems to just be a lipoma.)

It was heartbreaking seeing the tube in his precious chest for the first time.

Friday March 4th, 2022 the doctors met with us and informed us that what they suspected is true…

He has Intermediate Risk Hepatoblastoma. (Liver cancer)

Good news: it doesn’t seem to be outside of the liver.

Bad news: it’s in 3/4ths of the liver. It’s a rare cancer and unfortunately it is advanced.

We began his chemo treatment that Saturday (the 5th).

The skin infection was completely separate from what he has going on with this cancer.

We are so very grateful for the medical team that helped us discover what is going on with our son. They have cared for us incredibly well. I wish we could fully express our thankfulness to them. <3

All of this - It’s obviously a lot. It’s terrible. It’s not fair and he doesn’t deserve any of child human does...but we will be here every step of the way for him. We will hold him through it and stand by him no matter how tough it gets.

We are so wonderfully overwhelmed by the global love, support and prayers we have received. It’s humbling. It’s touching. Thank you for loving our baby boy as he has a long road ahead.

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