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huge strides

Hello everyone, it is time for an overdue update on the cutest kid in the world! (totally bias)

Hiro is in four different types of therapy

- Occupational

- Physical

- Speech

- Audio Verbal

Overall, he has done an incredible job in each of these areas. It has been amazing to see him start to do normal baby things. We know he is developmentally delayed and that is why we go to all of the different therapies but for a baby who has spent a lot of his life in a hospital crib - unable to be active - he is doing amazing.

He recently started to crawl! Which is huge. It is so fun to see him begin to explore and discover new areas of life. I always dreamed of the day he could be mobile so to see that come to life really fills our hearts.

He also has been eating full bottles and puree! Which means we haven't had to pump food through his feeding tube. I cannot tell you how freeing this has been for us all. To not have to worry about that tube and setting it up and running it is such a win.

Hiro loves to babble, if you have met him you know this because he probably has "talked" your ear off. He also loves to give high fives and clap. He is an excellent clapper.

Stacking toys has become a new favorite activity as well. It is so fun to watch his little mind at work.

His personality is in full bloom and we could not possibly love and adore him more.

We are so so proud of him.

Next week on February 16th we have his next round of ultrasounds and bloodwork. This is where they will monitor his liver and kidneys. We are always a little nervous to go into these appointments, the looming idea that something will go wrong is constantly hanging in the back of our minds. But we are hopeful and praying, he has been doing well for months, so please God let it be the same. I want him to continue to grow, physically, developmentally, personality, and every aspect of life.

Thank you for all the continued love and support!

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