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welcome to his story

about hiro

Hiro ( 裕 ) Joseph Frost was born on October 16th, 2021 and is the miracle son of Jon and Heather Frost.


Hiro ( 裕 ) is a Japanese name (chosen to honor Jon's Asian heritage) that translates to the English word "abundant".

His life has not been easy. Heather has many health issues that complicated pregnancy and birth.

At a week old Heather found a mass on his leg and we were sent to a specialist for further investigation. 

At two months old he went through surgery to repair the 3 hernias that were causing him pain.

And at four and a half months old...a rash that turned into a skin infection brought us to the ER where we were admitted. 

An amazing nurse noticed extreme hardness and a mass in his abdomen. This led us to many tests and an unfortunate diagnosis of Intermediate Risk Hepatoblastoma (pretext stage 3).

This page is for him as he endures this rare liver cancer at such a young age.

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about intermediate risk hepatoblastoma

Hepatoblastoma is a form of liver cancer found in children 3 years of age an under. It is rarely diagnosed but it is the most common form of liver cancer in children this age. Only 50-100 cases are reported each year in the United States. Intermediate risk means that this cancer needs both treatment and a (surgery or transplant).


Hiro's tumor (after the first scan) is about 12.5 cm long and 9.5cm wide, that’s massive and bigger than his liver. 

Good news: so far it doesn’t seem to be outside of the liver.


Bad news: it’s advanced and in 3/4ths of the liver. 


meet hiro's parents

Heather Frost

hi, im the mother of sweet hiro and wife of jon. in 2015 i was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer and underwent multiple surgeries and rounds of radiation. im in remission now but i deal with other health issues.


as tough as my own illnesses can be, there is nothing more difficult than watching your own child (or any child honestly) go through something so horrific.


i wish i had the ability to adequately express my thankfulness to every single person who has supported and cared for us and for the amazing doctors and nurses who have been beyond amazing!


thank you for all the love! <3


Jonathan Frost

hello, my name is jon, husband to heather, and father to hiro. i've been blessed with overall good health so far in my life, but cancer hits close to home having lost my own mother to ovarian cancer, my wife previously having thyroid cancer, and now having my own son diagnosed with liver cancer.

no parent ever imagines or hopes for their child to face such hardships, but here we are in the middle of this battle now. i am grateful for the family, friends, and many doctors/nurses who have helped us along the journey.


the frosts on insta

the frosts on insta

our hearts are completely broken for the beautiful people of Ukraine </3

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